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​Welcome to Saito Acupuncture Clinic


We can accept English speakers.

English health history forms are available.

0.Precautionary measures we take under COVID-19

1.About us

2.Office hours

3.Sevices and fees

4.Symptoms our clinic can help

5.Prior to your first visit


7.Contact us

 Precautionary measures we take under COVID-19

What we do

-We wear a face mask throughout the treatment

-We prepare a well-ventilated room.

-We sterilize everything frequently touched by clients.

-We exchange bed sheets and towels per treatment so that same ones would not be used by multiple patients.


What patients are required to do

-Please wear a face mask throughout your treatment.(You are required to buy a disposable face mask if you do not have any)

-Please sanitize your hands and check your body temperature on your entry into our clinic.

As for your appointment and visit

-We ask you to refrain from making an appointment and visiting us if you are under any of the following situations.


1.You have fever of higher than 37.5 degrees, shortness of breath, coughing, or a sense of fatigue.

2.You have been in close contact with anyone who is or might be infected with COVID-19.

3.You have been in foreign countries in the last four weeks.

4.Anyone who lives with you is under any of the three conditions above.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

1. About us

Our clinic has been dedicated to women’s health since its establishment in 2006.

A well-trained and reliable acupuncturist helps you recover your health by ACUPUNCTURE, MOXIBUSTION, and MOXIBUSTION with LOQUAT LEAVES.


Tomoko Saito  

 Licensed acupuncturist and moxibustionist since 2001.




A member of;

The Japan Society of Acupuncture and Moxibustion

 Women’s Oriental Medical Forum

Japan Society for Infertility Counseling

Association of Medical Cuisine Therapists 




2. Office hours



First visit           10:00~18:00

Follow-up visit   10:00~19:00

Contact us by 18:00 if you want to take a treatment on the day


■Saturday (We are open two Saturdays every month)

First visit           10:00~16:00

Follow-up visit   10:00~16:00


■Monthly opening schedule

We are closed on the days with a red circle.

Days with a blue star mean that we are open but office hours are shortened; “10-14”, for example, shows that we are open from 10:00 to 14:00.

The schedule is updated by the 15th of every month.













3. Services & fees



〔1〕Acupuncture and/or Moxibustion

​〔2〕Moxibustion with Loquat Leaves


Initial consultation                         2,000yen

Acupuncture and/or Moxibustion     5,000yen

Moxibustion with Loquat Leaves      7,000yen


Moxibustion class for your self-medication 2,500yen/3,000yen 


--Cash only

--Initial consultation fee is required for those who come to our clinic for the first time and those who come after two years absence from their last session.


4. Symptoms our clinic can help

● Symptoms 女性のライフサイクルに応じたケア

Menstrual troubles

 Painful period


   PMS(Pre-menstrul disorder)


 minor troubles during pregnancy妊娠中のさまざまな症状

 Breech positionさかご(逆子、骨盤位)



Infertility treatment

Menopausal disorders

● 頭や顔の症状


Ringing in the ears  耳鳴り・難聴

​headache 頭痛

Fatigue in the eyes 眼精疲労

Hair loss 脱毛症

● 痛みやしびれ



Frozen shouulder 五十肩

Tendon shieth inflammation 腱鞘炎

Nerve pain 神経痛


Knee pain  ひざ痛

Stiffness shoulder and backache 慢性肩こり・腰痛

● 消化器症状

Loss of Appetite

Constipation 便秘

● アレルギー



​● そのほか






5. Prior to your first visit 

There are some things we’d like you to know about before your first visit


When you book an appointment

* Our treatments are dedicated only to women

* By appointment only; please call or email us in advance

* Disposable needles are used for treatments and they are never shared by multiple clients.

* Comfortable clothes for treatments (a top and shorts) are ready if needed

*If you need someone to accompany and help you on your visit, please let us know on your booking.

* Pregnant women are required to get permission from their obstetricians in advance to take acupuncture and moxibustion for their symptoms

* Cash only; credit cards are not available

* Please don’t hesitate to ask us anything you want to know


On the day you visit us

--You may want to enter our clinic ten minutes prior to your booked time.

--It takes 1,5 hours in total for you to take an initial consultation and a treatment. 

--Pregnant women are required to bring your 母子手帳 with you.

6.  Location

We are located at:

Promenade Yabe 17-601

321 Yabe, Totsuka ward, Yokohama city

Kanagawa, Japan 244-0002

Phone 045-861-1530                                    

How to get here by public transport

Get off at Totsuka station of JR Tokaido line, JR Yokosuka line, JR Shonan-shinjyuku line, or Yokohama blue line (subway).

It’s about 7 minutes’ walk from the East gate of the station.


7. Contact us

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

To book an appointment, please give us your information as to the following items;


  1. Your name

  2. Your phone number

  3. The date and time you want to take treatment (The first and second choices are required)

  4. Symptom(s) you are suffering from

  5. Treatment you want to take (〔A〕Acupuncture and/or moxibusiton, 〔B〕Moxibustion with loquat leaves)

  6. Questions if you have any


By phone     045-861-1530

Please leave your message on the answering machine if I cannot answer your call.

I’ll call you back as soon as I am available.


By email

Use the form on the right.

Your booking is completed only after you get a return message from us.

In case you have not received a reply from us after a few days, please call us. Some messages are not received by us, being automatically removed by the anti-virus system installed on the computer.




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